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About Us

Since 1963 AAA Disposal Service has been meeting customers needs .  We are dedicated to serving you no matter if you are a commercial customer or a residental household.  We pride ourselves in putting our customers first and working with you to meet your needs.  Contact us today to find a  service that fits your needs and budget.

Our Vision


AAA Disposal Service, Inc was started by Robert & Caroline Holmberg in 1963 with the purchase of one truck. As the company slowly started growing, they hired their first employee in 1966. Those were simpler times when fuel was cheaper and dump fees were extremely inexpensive.

Then, in the late 1970's the company bought their first front load truck for commercial business throughout the eastern Jackson County area for which AAA Disposal provided services.  Shortly after that in 1980, the company purchased its first roll-off truck for large and small clean ups, making it a full service operation. Also in the 1980's their two sons, Chris and Jassen Holmberg, became more involved in the day to day operations of running the company.

Times have changed and they keep changing every year, with higher fuel costs, dump fees, insurance, licensing fees, government rules, and regulations making this business more challenging to stay competitive in and be successful. In 2003, the decision was made to build a transfer building to help control expenses incurred at the landfills.

A short description of this facility is as follows: the location where all of our disposal trucks come in to weigh and dump their loads. It is here that metal and cardboard are separated from the waste stream; then sent to be recycled instead of being taken to the landfill. Remaining waste is then loaded into tractor trailer rigs and sent to the landfill for disposal.  In 2006, AAA Disposal began recycling with various drop off sites, and in July 2009, we started our first true curbside commingle recycling operation in Grain Valley.

Currently, this company has evolved into a business with thousands of residential and commercial customers being serviced in a region that covers parts of several counties. From our humble beginning with one truck, the company has grown to more than 30 trucks on the road and many employees providing disposal services throughout many communities in the area. 


With 46 years of experience in this business, we are proud to say we are still family owned and operated by the Holmberg Family.

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